Claremont Gardens

These 1 & 2 bedroom properties are architect designed, built to the highest standards and equipped to meet your needs.

The Claremont Gardens linked Cottages are on an exclusive private site near Fontwell situated in landscaped gardens.

Claremont Gardens linked Cottages
Retirement Living in the South

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Call System

Security and the Call System

For the comfort and peace of mind of our residents we have embodied several security systems within the overall site and buildings design.

Entry to the communal areas

In each situation there is an automatic 24 hour security door control, operated by the pass code, a pass card, or from within a cottage once a caller has been identified.

Entry to your Cottage

Each cottage has a front door bell, and a ‘spy hole’ so you can see who is calling. External windows and doors have security handles.

In an emergency

Tunstall SecurityThere are emergency call positions in each cottage hall, and the bathroom. If a call is made it can be answered within seconds on a 24 hour basis. The monitoring service have details of each resident, but in each emergency call the nature of the call will be ascertained before taking the appropriate action whether it be alerting the House Manager, or a relative, or any other nominated party.

Similarly if there is a fire alarm, there are sensors within all of the buildings and the Fire Brigade will be alerted.

Residents may additionally have a pendant or wristband alert modum if they require. If a resident needs a particular type of additional monitoring this tele-alarm system can be modified to suit most situations.

Residents own telephone

Each cottage has its own telephone line and internet access. There are a further two Internet work stations for communal use in the library at Claremont Lodge.

Daily contact with the House Manager

The House Manager will be in daily contact with each resident on a regular basis. There is always someone on hand to help.

Site Security

Site lighting is installed throughout the site for the convenience, and safety of residents, and in addition discretely positioned perimeter video cameras add an extra degree of security.

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