Claremont Gardens

These 1 & 2 bedroom properties are architect designed, built to the highest standards and equipped to meet your needs.

The Claremont Gardens linked Cottages are on an exclusive private site near Fontwell situated in landscaped gardens.

Claremont Gardens linked Cottages

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Environmental Benefits

Solar Heated Water

The internal faces of the twin gabled roofs on the main building provide excellent surfaces for the siting of the solar collection tubes. Hidden from view they ensure that the tubes are angled to collect solar heat throughout the whole of the day. The efficiency of the collection system means that, even with a light layer of cloud, sufficient heat is captured to provide for a substantial energy boost in the production of hot water. The hot water is then stored at a temperature that removes the risk of Legionella, but then mixed and distributed to taps, baths, showers, and the kitchen at safe working temperatures.


The use of the sun's energy to power external garden and car park lighting at night. LED Lighting. Low energy internal lighting using a fraction of the electrical energy of traditional lighting systems.

Heat Pumps

The strategic siting of numbers of heat pumps in the loft spaces of the buildings enable the heat to be extracted from the warm air that accumulates in the lofts. This heat can then be circulated to provide a temperature boost for both the hot water supply and under floor heating in all the buildings on the Claremont site.

Rainwater Harvesting

The Claremont site will enjoy the benefit of having a unique landscape architect designed garden that will provide continuous pleasure for the residents. There will be lawns, borders, and planted features, that will contain a wide range of plants, shrubs, and trees. To ensure that the gardens are kept in 'tip top' condition the garden areas will be serviced by an irrigation system that can be manually or automatically operated. For dry spells throughout the summer the whole watering consumption will be met by a huge underground 75,000 litre rainwater storage tank with its own pumping system The large areas of roof spaces on the buildings will keep this tank topped up throughout the year, so avoiding the wasteful use of valuable treated drinking water from the mains.

Benefits for the Planet

The solar heating system converts the energy contained in the sun’s heat into providing a temperature boost for the hot water system so allowing the boilers to operate for significantly less periods. Similarly with the heat pumps, the conversion of electrical energy used to run the pumps normally gives a 200% gain in energy output. This again drastically reduces the use of the boilers for hot water and under floor heating. The combined effect means that hundreds of thousands of Kg of Carbon Monoxide, normally released into the atmosphere with traditional systems, are saved by using these ‘green’ measures.

Benefits for the Residents

The owners of the properties benefit from TWO main energy efficiency design features. Firstly, the superior type of construction embodies a range of high property insulation factors, from the heavily insulated floors, ceilings, and walls, to the high specification double glazed patio doors and windows. Secondly, the underfloor and hot water heating is substantially boosted by the 'green' measures, so ensuring that not only are energy bills kept to the absolute minimum but that each resident plays their own part in keeping their own 'carbon footprint' to the minimum also.

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