Claremont Gardens

These 1 & 2 bedroom properties are architect designed, built to the highest standards and equipped to meet your needs.

The Claremont Gardens linked Cottages are on an exclusive private site near Fontwell situated in landscaped gardens.

Claremont Gardens linked Cottages
Retirement Living in the South

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I sell my Cottage as I like? The property is on a 125 year lease, as good as a freehold. You are the full owner; sell when you wish, as you would do with any other home, subject to the Lease Terms.
  2. Am I too young for this? There need be no change from the way you live at the moment. We have reservations from people of all ages and interests. The development is designed to enable retired people to live independent lives with companionship, security, activity, and interest, safe in the knowledge that support is available if and when needed.
  3. Are there any restrictions? Only in the mutual interests of all of the residents to promote a happy, harmonious, peaceful, and safe lifestyle.
  4. What about guests? They may stay in your cottage or in one of the guest suites.
  5. What is the management charge for? All communal costs, the House Manager, insurances, grounds maintenance, etc. Any increases in costs to be kept below the RPI and applied on a non-profit making basis.
  6. What is the energy charge? All gas, electricity, water and sewerage costs for communal areas AND hot & cold water, heat and light for your own cottage.
  7. Can I use my wheelchair? The whole site is `wheelchair friendly`. There is a secure garage and charge point for Mobility Scooters.
  8. What does the House Manager do? The House Manager acts as a `good neighbour` to provide help and information on a variety of topics from the social programme, outings, organising meals, if required, and facilitating other services such as personal care from domiciliary care providers, if, and when, needed.
  9. What if I become ill? The Manager can organise domiciliary care, or you may come into Claremont Lodge for a few days as you wish.
  10. What about shopping? There is a convenience shop on site, or shopping may be delivered, or you may go to neighbouring shops using your own transport, or using the site mini-bus, that is available for shopping trips or organised residents outings.
  11. How does the community alarm system work? This is an emergency facility activated automatically (Fire) or personally.
  12. Can I have my own telephone? We install a BT telephone with a computer link.
  13. Can you help me move in? We can organise everything to do with your move including getting quotations, as you may wish.
  14. Can I bring my pet? By consent from Royal Bay, and subject to their discretion.
  15. Can I ask more questions? We will be pleased to help. Simply use the contact form here and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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